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From Here to There

From Here to ThereSkill: Reading homophones Players: Whole class Object: To line up using high-frequency homophones Materials: • 22 word cards: ate, eight, buy, by, for, four, know, no, one, won, hour, our, hear, here, right, write, to, too, two, their, there, they’re
How to Play
1. Photocopy and cut apart the word cards. Distribute one word card to each player. If necessary, have some children pair up (because there are only 22 cards). 
2. Call on children to read the word on their card and think about how they would use it in a sentence.
3. Randomly call out a word (see Materials box) and use it in a sentence. The player with that word card can get in line after saying the word, spelling it, and using it in another sentence. Then the player(s) with a homophone for that word reads it, spells it, uses it in a sentence, and gets in line. 
4. Collect the word cards after all children are in line.

Sight Word Matchup

Sight Word Matchup
Skill: Reading one- and two-letter sight words
Players: Whole class
Object: To find the player with the matching sight word- and two-letter sight words
Materials: 26 word cards: a, I, am, an, as, at, be, by, do, go, he, if, in, is, it, me, my, no, of, on, or, so, to, up, us, we How to Play
1. Photocopy and cut apart enough word cards so that there are two cards for each word and each pair of players.
2. Mix up the cards. Distribute them randomly, one card to each player. Tell children not to look at their cards until you say “Go.”
3. When you say “Go,” players look at their cards and find a classmate with the same word. Once children pair up, have them spell out and then read their word together and sit down.