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Grinch [multiple choice]

Task description & scene summaryTask description: Observation and understanding of what is happening on the screen, then selecting the right answer among the options. Scene summary: Some guys just love to be in bad moods and make themselves and other people feel miserable. Grinch is one of these fellows. Let's see how he can manage to do mean things "in style". Video URL: Video length: 2 minutes 49 seconds Video genre: Film trailer Lesson type: Asking about the visuals ("What can/could you see?") Level: 
Elementary (A1)Pre-intermediate (A2) Student types: 
elementary school Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License First published: 2019-01-31, 08:29:23 (GMT+1)
Video quiz questions (printable) 1) The little yellow guy switched on ... a fan.a flashlight.a television.a lamp. 2) The little yellow guy suddenly turned to be ... happy.hungry.

Printable Valentine Worksheets for Elementary Students

Printable Valentine Worksheets- 'Love Is An Open Door' Writing for K–5 
With Valentine's Day approaching you may be looking for fun activities to incorporate into your literacy block. In this article, you'll find free printable Valentine worksheets that will get elementary students writing. Inspired by the Disney ® movie Frozen, I've created the Love Is An Open Door Writing Activity.