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Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 20

Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 20

1.                Prompt سريع , يعطي شخصًا إشارة , تمامًا، بالضبط
adj. punctual, on time
n. a cue to begin something; instructions
v. to incite, propel, or cause to act
She is always prompt when it comes to turning in her homework.
I had to write an essay based on a prompt.
The possibility of a scholarship prompted him to apply to Harvard.
2.              Promulgate يعلن، ينشر، يذيع، يصرح، يُصدر
v. to put into law or formally declare
The ruler will at last promulgate an amnesty with the neighboring countries.
3.              Prosecute يقاضي، يحاكم
v. to bring criminal action against someone (in a trial)
The suspect was prosecuted yesterday.
4.             Provocative استفزازي
adj. intending to provoke, inspire, or arouse
Her nude paintings are considered quite provocative.
5.              Qualitative تأهل
adj. involving qualities of something (features and content)
I noticed a qualitative change in her paintings.
6.              Quantitative يمكن قياسه، قابل للقياس
adj. involving quantities (numbers and amounts)
We must conduct a quantitative analysis.
7.               Quirk ميزة فريدة
n. a strange habit
His biggest quirk is his love of old marbles.
8.             Ramify يتفرَّع/ يتشعَّب
v. to split into two or more branches
Cars ramified throughout the world in the twentieth century.
9.              Rash متسرع
adj. without attention to danger or risk
Her rash decision to pass the car nearly resulted in a crash.
10.        Raw نيء، غير مطبوخ, طبيعي، خام
adj. unrefined
adj. not processed; uncooked (as in food)
He’s got raw talent as a singer, but he needs to work on his performance skills.
In some countries, such as Japan, it is normal to eat raw fish.


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