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Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 9

Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 9

1.                Deference مراعاة، احترام، توقير
n. respect; regard
Her deference to the elderly makes her the perfect candidate for an internship at the retirement center.
2.              Deficient مُفتَقِر إلى شيء
adj. not enough in degree or amount
I feel as though the sources for my paper are deficient.
3.              Demonstrate يُظهر، يوضح , يثبت
v. to do as an example
v. gives evidence for
Could you demonstrate the dance move for me?
This book’s use of words such as “grim” and “bleak” demonstrates the author’s mournful tone.
4.             Demur يعترض
v. to object to
She demurred at my request to transfer to a different department.
5.              Deplete يستنزف شيئًا
v. to (over)use over time (usu. resources)
The lost campers quickly depleted their supply of food.
6.              Desolate مهجور، كئيب، بائِس
adj. bare, barren, empty
The moon is one giant, desolate landscape.
7.               Devise يعدّ، يبتكر
v. to come up with (a plan)
Lana devised a plan to make herself famous.
8.             Dilemma مأزق، ورطة، معضلة
n. a problem, usually requiring a choice between two options
The main dilemma is whether to pay for a commercial or not.
9.              Diligence  مثابرة ,  إجْتِهاد
n. conscientiousness; the quality of being committed to a task
Diligence and confidence will get you far in life.
10.        Diminish يخف ، ينخفض يتناقص
v. to become smaller in scope or degree
The itchiness of mosquito bites usually starts to diminish after a few days.


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