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Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 22

Essential SAT and ACT Vocabulary Lesson 22

1.                Satiated يشبع شهية
adj. satisfied (usu. in hunger)
I felt satiated after eating a snack.
2.              Savvy ماهِر، حاذِق، حَذِق
adj. having practical intelligence or knowledge
My brother is not very savvy when it comes to using public transportation.
3.              Scandalous فاضح، معيب، شائن
adj. morally offensive, often causing damage to one’s reputation
The scandalous politician decided it was best to resign from office.
4.             Scorn احتقار , لا يبالي بشخص، لا يكترث لشخص
v. to look down on with disdain
It’s difficult for me not to scorn those who use improper grammar.
5.              Scrupulous شديد الحرص,  حيّ الضمير
adj. paying great attention to detail
I am a scrupulous proofreader and never miss an error.
6.              Scrutinize يدقّق في شيء/شخص، يمعن النظر في شيء/شخص
v. to examine carefully and critically
The teacher scrutinized her students’ essays.
7.               Secrete يُفرز، ينضح بـ , يُخفي، يتكتّم على، يتكتّم بشأن
v. to produce or release (a substance)
Trees secrete a sticky substance called sap.
8.             Sentiment إحساس، شعور , رأي
n. opinion
n. a tender or moving gesture
I am of the sentiment that you should never give out your passwords to anyone.
Even though I’m not a big fan of porcelain dolls, I appreciated the sentiment.
9.              Sheer شفّاف، رقيق
adj. so thin that light can shine through
The curtains on the window were so sheer you could clearly see inside the house.
10.        Simple سهل، بسيط
adj. easy; not complex
adj. undecorated
This math problem is so simple even a first grader can solve it.
The simple beauty of the ocean is what makes it memorable.


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