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Grinch [multiple choice]

Task description & scene summary

Task description:
Observation and understanding of what is happening on the screen, then selecting the right answer among the options.
Scene summary:
Some guys just love to be in bad moods and make themselves and other people feel miserable. Grinch is one of these fellows. Let's see how he can manage to do mean things "in style".
Video length: 2 minutes 49 seconds
Video genre: Film trailer
Lesson type: Asking about the visuals ("What can/could you see?")
Student types: 
Copyright license: Creative Commons Attribution License
First published: 2019-01-31, 08:29:23 (GMT+1)

Video quiz questions (printable)

1) The little yellow guy switched on ...
  • a fan.
  • a flashlight.
  • a television.
  • a lamp.
2) The little yellow guy suddenly turned to be ...
  • happy.
  • hungry.
  • sleepy.
  • scared.
3) We were flying through ...
  • a church.
  • a park.
  • a cave.
  • a cinema.
4) The green guy, Grinch is ...
  • angry.
  • sad.
  • jolly.
  • hungry.
5) Grinch tried to ...
  • switch the music.
  • read the blue book.
  • get up from his bed.
  • turn off the alarm for good.
6) Grinch was ...
  • shouting.
  • telling a story.
  • speaking.
  • singing.
7) The dog's name is ...
  • Billy.
  • Junior.
  • Max.
  • Fred.
8) Max was making ...
  • milk shake.
  • a cup of coffee.
  • a cup of milk with honey.
  • a sandwich.
9) Grinch and Max are walking ...
  • in a park.
  • in a forest.
  • in a train station.
  • in a restaurant.
10) When he entered the store, Grinch ...
  • said hello to a man.
  • fell off.
  • didn't let the man to greet him nicely.
  • kicked a jar away.
11) What did Grinch do?
  • He used his elbow to brake a jar.
  • He helped the lady politely.
  • He bought a jar of marmalade.
  • He checked the price tags on the jars.
12) What did Grinch do this time?
  • He ate some apples.
  • He was thinking what to buy.
  • He helped a lady to buy cucumbers.
  • He put a disgusting jar to a lady's basket.
13) What happened to Grinch?
  • A Santa Claus puppet hit him hard.
  • He slipped on the ice and fell off.
  • He was skiing and fell off.
  • A giant snow man knocked him out.
14) What is Grinch doing?
  • He is watching ice hockey.
  • He is watching the news.
  • He is watching figure skating.
  • He is watching a bobsled race.
15) In Grinch's fantasy, he got ...
  • tulips.
  • roses.
  • chocolate.
  • a lollipop.


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