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adverse or averse?

adverse or averse? 

These two words have different meanings. 
1-The ferries were cancelled owing to ADVERSE weather conditions. (= unfavourable) سلبي = غير مفضل
2-She is not AVERSE to publicity. (= opposed)كاره = مُبغض = مشمئز من

Spur and Spurn

Spur = to motivate = يحفز شخصًا إلى شيء 
Spurn = to reject with contempt = يرفض شخص بازدراء = يقاوم شيء بازدراء 
Examples : 
1-Reading about human rights abuses around the world spurred Dan to work for an NGO. 
2-Kate spurned Dan's romantic propositions. 
3-Being *spurned* by the coach *spurred* Jo’s pal Goku to train harder than ever.