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Business and Busyness

Business and Busyness 

*Business [BIZ-nis] = profession, trade; company = مهنه, شركه Example:         El-Sayed is in business as a shoemaker.

*Busyness [BIZ-ee-nis] = state of being busy = حالة الانشغال Example: Busyness is the norm at El-Sayed’s successful business.


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— Sleep in to oversleep; to sleep late in the morning I'm so tired; I think I'll sleep in tomorrow. If you sleep in again, you'll get fired.

— Sleepover stay for the night at somebody's home. (usually for children) Emily couldn't ask her friend for a sleepover until she cleaned her room.

— Sleep on something (idiom) delay making a decision about something until the next day so that you have time to think about it. I must sleep on this problem. I'll let you know what I think about it tomorrow.